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Elite continually strive to deliver quality Risk Management, Specialist Training and Manpower Supply services.

Elite applies an international approach and professionalism to the local context, anywhere in the world. Elite is dedicated to providing a quality service, our ethos and attention to detail stems from years of British Military management and commercial experience.

Elite is a client responsive organisation, wherever possible we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to complex problems. We operate to meet the needs of our clients in a timely and professional manner and to deliver services as agreed. Elite recognise the importance of working in true partnership to maximise performance and add client value.

Global Risk Management

Specialist Training

Manpower Supply

Elite International – Operations delivers professional close protection and risk management services globally.

We can provide the resources, safeguards and expertise to mitigate your risk no matter the complexity, level or location.

Elite International – Training, recruitment and manpower proudly boast an education platform that has been proven and implemented on an international scale.

We currently operate on 5 continents, delivering the highest quality of  specialist training, recruitment and manpower services for individual, corporate and government clients.

Elite International Accreditations and Affiliations – We work with some of the UK’s largest awarding bodies to deliver a wide and diverse range of courses for the Security and Corporate sectors alike.

We are confident that we are able to assist you or your organisation with our high standards of training and subjects matter expertise.