Close Protection Services

What We Offer

Complete Close Protection Team

Elite Int. can provide fully encompassing Close Protection Teams providing the client with a much higher level of security. This service can vary in size and can offer many different levels of protection as well as security drivers, concierge whether you are on a holiday, business trip or a social engagement.
We advise this level of security to clients as a minimal response to a perceived or actual threat. Our Operatives and staff will discuss your enquiry in more detail on contact and offer expert advice, to be able to provide the relevant services for your needs.

Driver and Protection Officer

We can provide clients with individual Personal Protection Officers who can be male or female on request as Elite International strive to match the operative with the client after thoroughly evaluating the request.
The PPO will be fully licensed to perform and conduct full protection should an incident arise. If requested, our operatives are permitted to carry concealed weapons for that extra level of protection. This service is ideal for low level security and this can be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Security Driver

Elite Int. can supply executive transportation for all your needs whether it is for business or pleasure. Our executive vehicles vary from luxury SUV’s, Limousines to people carriers and mini buses. All drivers employed at Elite are highly trained and certified Close Protection Operatives giving clients that extra reassurance that their families, employees, business associates and high value loads will be in safe hands.

Armoured vehicles can also be provided on request.

Corporate Security

Elite Int. can provide various levels of corporate security, threat dependent. Our aim is always to minimise and mitigate risk to the individual or corporation through professional planning and response.
Elite International provide teams who will work alongside your personnel carrying out full risk assessments, analysing all possible security threats, ensuring the safety of all directors, shareholders and third parties attending. Prior to any meetings of a sensitive nature, a full sweep of rooms or premises can be performed, with the capability to pick up transmitting listening devises all the way up to 7G.

Residential Security Teams

Elite’s RST’s can provide the client 24 hours a day 365 days a year security and can be highly visual or discreet depending on your request. The teams will monitor access to the residence, monitor incoming mail or deliveries, deter any unwanted visitors, provide foot patrols both inside and outside the grounds and detect threats 24/7 whether the property is occupied or not.